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Tue, Jun 26, 11:30AM - 12:30PM

Tue, Jun 26, 4:30PM - 5:00PM

Wed, Jun 27, 4:00PM - 4:30PM
Let's learn about money! So you can count, now what? What did we do to get things we wanted before money was invented? Where does exactly does money come from and who makes it? What can you do with it now? What do you want to do with your money later when you grow up? 

Wed, Jun 27, 5:00PM - 5:30PM
You're just beginning to enter your teen years. Yay! No more baby stuff. You get an allowance and spend it whenever and wherever you want. But you know you want to be smart about money. Where do you start? Let's find out about writing checks, saving money and making a budget.

Wed, Jun 27, 6:00PM - 6:30PM
You're trying to get your first job. What kinds of jobs can you do? How will you get paid? Should you begin saving? Where will you save the money you make (your pocket, purse, a jar, give it to someone to hold)? How can you afford your first apartment?

Wed, Jun 27, 7:00PM - 7:30PM
Te gustara leer pero lo encuentras difícil de aser porque tienes muchas obligaciones en casa. ¡Puedes resolver ese problema viniendo y leyendo un libro interesante en la biblioteca!You want to read but find it difficult because you have so many obligations at home. You can solve that problem by coming and reading an interesting book at the library!

Wed, Jul 11, 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Photographer and Coachella resident, Jesus Vasquez, will discuss his art and present a few examples of his poignant works. He is a talented rising start on the East Valley scene.  Beside discussing his passion, he will entertain a brief Q&S afterward. Young adults of all ages are invited.

Wed, Jul 18, 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Award winning filmmaker and Street Artist, Tysen Knight, will discuss his art and the award film, The Art Of Hustle: Street Art Documentary. Showcasing has art has taken him around the world, exposing him to different styles of street art and culture. He will share his experiences and entertain a brief Q&A with the intention to inspire all artists involved in their chosen genre.

Wed, Jul 25, 6:00PM - 7:30PM
Artist to be announced.

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February 2, 2018 through
Early 2020

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March 5, 2018 through
August, 2018

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The city of Coachella was originally founded as Woodspur in 1876. The origin of the name Coachella is unclear, but at a town hall meeting in 1901, the citizens voted on a new name for their community. They settled on "Coachella", which some local residents believe is a misspelling of the Spanish word Conchilla, a reference to the small white snail shells found in the valley's sandy soil.

The city was incorporated in 1946 with 1,000 residents and in 1957 the Coachella Library was opened in City Hall. To accommodate growth, the library moved into a converted Catholic church on November 1, 1981, just one block from City Hall.

The library is a source of great pride for the citizens and is a few steps away from the Eleanor Shadowen Senior Center and the Esperanza Youth and Family Center making it the perfect location to serve all segments of the population, 38% of whom are 18 years of age or younger. Its collections and programs reflect the needs of the ever growing population.

The library is near the location of the popular musical festival known as Coachella Fest and each year we welcome snow birds and young adults from a variety of states, including Canada, who are looking for the nearest place to access the internet via our computers or WiFi on their favorite device.

Coachella Library currently utilizes 3,000 square feet that can accommodate 125 people. The collection holds over 65,000 items and has 10 computers available for accessing the internet 5 days a week.

Our motto, Come By, Come Often, beckons residents and visitors to the library with our home town atmosphere and hospitality. We are truly a gem in the East Valley.



January 2015

Featured Resources

eResources Databases

Ancestry Library Edition
Ancestry Library Edition
Search your family heritage online.
Can only be used within the library
Authors and Biography
Biography in Context
Biography in Context
A biographical reference database that covers the areas of literature, science, multicultural studies, business, entertainment, politics, sports, government, history, arts and news.
Literature Resource Center
Literature Resource Center
Contains thousands of entries from Contemporary Authors, Contemporary Authors New Revision series, the Dictionary of Literary Biography and Contemporary Literary Criticism Select. Includes plot summaries and critical essays from sources such as Novels for Students as well as resources for criticism of modern and classic poetry.
Business and Legal
California State Bar Publications
California State Bar Publications
California State Bar Publications provides practical legal facts in a handy Consumer Education Pamphlet.
Reference USA
Reference USA
The premier source of business and residential information for reference and research. ReferenceUSA is used by top libraries throughout the US for research, small business marketing, job searching and more.
Careers, Tuition and Learning
Early Learning Academy online education program for children ages 2 - 7. Access only available within the library.
Brainfuse Learning Site offers easy to connect one-to-one online tutoring free. (Please have your library card available to use this link)
Career Transitions
Career Transitions Career Transitions provides a practical and personalized experience for users of all backgrounds and technology comfort levels. Users can easily discover and target fast-growing careers and industries in their immediate locations -- and locations across the United States. Career Transitions also features quick assessments to help people identify new opportunities based on their current skills, occupational knowledge, and interests.
Scholastic Go
Scholastic GoEngaging online age-appropriate reference resource to help build a love of research through reading and learning!
Tuition Funding Sources
Tuition Funding Sources
Tuition Funding Sources is a private website designed to help students find scholarships, college and career information. TFS offers students the largest scholarship database in the world with over $41 Billion in scholarship awards along with a career personality test and detailed college and career information. Pepsi-Cola sponsors the TFS program nationwide. Pepsi-Cola and TFS have been helping students find scholarships and other sources of financial aid for more than 20 years
Cultures and Religion
Oxford Islamic Studies Online
Oxford Islamic Studies Online
This authoritative, dynamic resource brings together the best current scholarship in the field for students, scholars, government officials, community groups, and librarians to foster a more accurate and informed understanding of the Islamic world.
eAudiobooks, eBooks, eMagazines, Other Library Services
Braille Institute
Braille Institute
Free library service for the blind, visually impaired or have reading or other physical disabilities.
Thousands of New eBooks are Available to You!
A growing collection of eAudiobooks and eBooks that can be downloaded directly to your home computer.
RB Digital
RB Digital
RB Digital is now your home for over 6000 eAudioBooks and 130 eMagazines
Scholastic Countries Collection
Scholastic Countries CollectionCountries Collection for Ages 9 - 13. Explore a destination today.
Health and Fitness
Health & Wellness Resource Center
Health & Wellness Resource Center
Periodical and journal articles as well as videos on a wide range of health topics from ADD&ADHD to Alternative Medicine, HIV, and various surgical procedures.
Health Reference Center
Health Reference CenterHealth Reference Center is a one-stop, full service resource for health-related research. It combines indexing of approximately 195 periodicals, eight reference books, and over 700 pamphlets; more than 1,800 overviews from Clinical Reference Systems; selective indexing for articles in approximately 1500 additional general interest titles; and full text for more than 185 periodicals, all reference books, overviews, and pamphlets.
PronunciatorWorld's largest language learning service. Free at your library.

News and Magazines
InfoTrac Newstand
InfoTrac Newstand
This newspaper database contains a collection of more than 140 cover-to-cover newspapers from around the world plus an additional 300 sources of selected news and business coverage.
InfoTrac® General Reference Center Gold
InfoTrac® General Reference Center Gold
Periodical, newspaper and reference articles from over 5,000 publications on such diverse topics as humanities, art, current events, technology and general interest topics. Full-text articles from over 3,000 periodicals.
Magazine articles from a variety of Spanish language publications on health, science, economics, politics and art.
RB Digital Magazines
RB Digital Magazines
Download digital magazines with rb digital


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