Zipbooks Services

What can I request?

Most books are eligible for Zip requests. The book must meet the criteria below.

Zip Books in print form must meet the following criteria:

- Are NOT within the Riverside County Library System catalog.

- Are in stock on Amazon Prime.

- Book needs to be $35.00 or less before taxes.

- NO Preorders.

- No used or out of print books.

Audiobooks on CD are eligible if they are:

- NOT already available within the Riverside County Library System Catalog.

- in stock on Amazon Prime.

- cost $50.00 or less.

- Any Publication date as long as it is available on Amazon Prime for purchase (NO Preorders).

- not out of print.

DVDS, music CDs, digital audiobooks (e.g. mp3 or iTunes), and ebooks (including Kindle books) are not eligible to be requested through the Zip Books program.

We expect to fulfill the vast majority of Zip requests, but success is not guaranteed. Approval will depend on available funds, the availability of the item on Amazon Prime, and our evaluation of the title as being suitable for addition to the library collections.

Please check the site beforehand to make sure the item is available. We will contact you if we are unable to fulfill the request or if it does not meet the criteria.

How does Zip Books work?

You can only request One (1) Zip Book item at a time per patron. For each Zipbooks item returned, another request can be made, up to TWO (2) requests per month. Zipbooks Items must be returned when due. Only One (1) zipbook can be checked out at a time.

To avoid loss or theft, we encourage you to enter a delivery address where someone will be present to accept the package during the working day. This could be a home or business address, or a P.O. box.

If you don't receive your Zip Book order within two weeks, please email us at  If it arrives damaged, email us to avoid being charged.

How do I return my Zip Book?

When you have finished with a Zip Book item, DO NOT place it in a book drop! Because it comes directly from, the item will not yet be bar-coded for the Riverside County Library System. If it goes into the book drop, we will not be able to track it the usual way, and you may be charged for a lost item.

You must return the book in person directly to a library employee at your local branch and tell them “This is a Zip Book.” 

Is there a fee to order a Zip Book?

If you return your Zip Book item on time you will pay absolutely nothing. If it is late or lost, the same fines and rules will apply as with other library items. 

Who can request a Zip Book item?

To participate, you must be a current Riverside County Library System card holder in good standing, with less than $5.00 in outstanding charges.

If you don't have a current RCLS library card, visit your local branch with a photo ID and a piece of mail addressed to your home (or other proof of your California residence). Once you register for a card, you'll be able to make a Zip Books request that same day. 

Patrons with an e-card with internet only or online registration status must get an upgraded full-service card, which allows the patron to check out print items, before ordering zipbooks. Orders will be processed after the physical address has been verified, and library card has been upgraded by your local library staff.

What if my requested title does not fit the Zip Books criteria?

If the item is located within the Riverside County Library System Catalog, but not at your local branch, you may want to consider placing a hold on the item and have it sent to your local branch for your convenience. If the item is not found within RCLS, you might want to consider placing an interlibrary loan (ILL) request. Please note that the interlibrary loan search fee is $5.00 per requested item, due at the time you submit ILL request at your local library. Talk to your local library staff for more information. If you'd like to request a book that is not yet published, please submit your suggestion using our Contact Us form. 

Sounds great! How do I get started on Zip Books?

To make a request, fill out the online form below. Make sure to fill out the form completely, including your email address. If you need help identifying the ISBN for an item, ask library staff for assistance.

Please join us in thanking the California State Library for their generous support of the Zip Books program and the Riverside County Library System!

Zip Books Online Request Form

Zip Books is a grant-funded project provided to the Riverside County Library System in partnership with the California State Library. It is supported with both California Library Services Act and Library Services and Technology Act funds.  

Request Format (Choose One)
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If this title is not available for Zip Books, please ask library staff about Interlibrary Loan ($5.00 service fee per title).  
By submitting this application, I acknowledge that all information contained is correct and truthful to the best of my knowledge, and that I have read and understood the requirements and and agree to all terms above.